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A2S Associates Limited is a structural engineering firm that proudly services Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario from our head office in Sudbury.  We were founded in July 2014 by Aaron Dent and Steve Cairns, who have 10 and 15 years (respectively) of practical structural engineering experience in Northern Ontario.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of project types, including elementary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools, hospitals, offices, manufacturing, industrial, long-term care, multi-tenant residential, and residential projects. Our project experiences range in scope from $350M+ hospital additions to $1,000 residential renovations.

A2S recognizes and understands that buildings in Northern Ontario often have different needs when compared to buildings in Southern Ontario. Northern Ontario also has access to numerous skilled trades and local materials, whose use benefits our communities. Knowing how to leverage these resources and materials results in lower building costs, less time under construction, and smoother projects.

We strive to be responsible corporate citizens and lead by example in our social and environmental initiatives. Pillars of our ideology include giving back to our community, leveraging local businesses, providing a high-quality / flexible work environment for our employees and making sustainably responsible choices.

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Steve Cairns, Principal
M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Steve was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario. Since relocating in 2000, he now proudly calls Sudbury, Ontario his home where he lives with his wife and two children. Steve is a founding principal of A2S.

Engineering is as much about people as it is about science. Whereas it is obviously critical that buildings are safe, economical and of materials appropriate for local manufacturers and trades; it is just as important that all stakeholders (owners, designers, builders and building occupants) are able to communicate effectively to deliver a successful project. Through open communication, the needs and expectations for a given project are identified by the design team, who then endeavour to meet, or better still, exceed these criterion.

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Aaron Dent, Principal
LEED AP, M.Sc.E., P.Eng.

Aaron was born and raised in Pembroke, Ontario. After first moving to Lively in 2004, Aaron and his wife and daughter are now settled in Wanup, Ontario where they have a small mixed farm, raising chickens, pigs, and growing vegetables. Aaron is a founding principal of A2S.

Structural engineering is about more than just creating safe buildings; it is about providing a thoughtful approach from start to finish. Whether you are working with Clients to meet tight budgets, or working closely with Architects to emphasize and showcase select structural elements, or considering what materials are appropriate for a given project type or location, it is important to apply rigor to all aspects of a project if it is to be successful on all fronts.  

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